Is USI Tech Just Another Scam Ponzi?

Are you interested in USI Tech?

Do you want to know more about this company?

Is the company a scam?

If you are interested to invest in this company, then you will certainly like to know more about the company, owner, products, and the earning possibilities.

To help you with all the required information, the following is the USI Tech review.

In this article, you will get all the required details regarding the company, owner, and the compensation plan.

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What is USI Tech?

There are a lot of speculations about this company. The reason is that there is not much information about the company on their official website. If you visit their official website, you will come know that there is not much information about the owner and the leaders. Such crucial information is important to determine the credibility of the company. But all these things are missing on their website. You will only come to know that the company has come into existence in mid-2016. Some popular names for this company are Horst Jicha, Ralf Gold, and Joao Severino.

What are the products?

There will not be any product. The company does not offer any service or product. It is all about the affiliate membership. You can be an affiliate member to make money from your investment in your company. With the affiliate membership, you will be able to access the forex Auto-trading system. Besides, you will be able to recruit the members and to earn money from the direct and indirect recruit. The commission will depend on the investment of your recruited members. Before entering into this cryptocurrency, the company was part of the forex trading. But it continued for a short period and then it became a part of the bitcoin industry.

If you want to be a part of this company, you will have to invest €50 EUR worth of bitcoin to get one percent of ROI per day for 140 days.

What is the compensation plan? 

The affiliate of this company will earn through the recruitment commissions and brokerage fee. You can earn more if you act smart and recruit more members. The successful will be able who will be able to recruit more members and earn more from this process. By investing Bitcoin, you will be able to earn one percent per day.

The compensation plan will be given on the uni-level structure. It will go up to the twelve levels. By this, the affiliate can earn money from the recruits. The commission will be ten percent for the new members and from the direct recruits. It will be one percent of the indirect recruits. Indirect recruits are those recruited by the recruit members. It will have following three levels.

• You will get 10 % to the Level 1.

• You will have 3% for the Levels 2 to 8.

• You will get 1% for Levels 9 to 12.

You will also have the brokerage fee. You will get 25% of the brokerage fee. The remaining 75% will be given in twelve payments. It will be given through the 3×12 matrix.

To sign up this website, the lifetime payment will be €600 EUR. With this payment, you can get all the facilities including the access to the Forex Trading Software. It will allow you to recruit the members.

Is it a scam? 

It might not be a scam. Though there is not much information about the owners in their official website and there is a possibility that they can easily run away with your money without any information, still there is no such information so far. Many users are satisfied with this company. It offers many possibilities to earn from your investment. You can easily make money with a simple investment and by recruiting the members. You do not need to buy the products that might be risky. You need to gather more information on the investment to ensure that your entire investment will not be wasted.

Final verdict

USI Tech is designed to help the investors to earn money through the affiliate membership. You will earn money without any effort. But it follows the Ponzi scheme. If you want to earn more, you will have to recruit more members.

Moreover, the company might find it difficult to survive if the numbers of the affiliate members will be reduced. The success will depend on the affiliate members only.